20 Facts About Burgers

by Mr. Mir Niaz Morshed

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20 Facts About Burgers

Edited By- Mir Niaz Morshed 

Burgers – once considered being a quintessential meal for Americans has today become a party of daily food habit for people globally. That’s because they are ready to eat, easy to get and can be eaten while working! Very few of us are familiar with facts about this interesting food. So, today we are going to learn 20 interesting Facts about Burgers. Find out how many of these facts were known to you.

1. ‘Burger’ is actually a stripped name. The actual name is Hamburger. The name Hamburger was derived from Hamburg steaks that were introduced to the US by German immigrants.

2. Hamburgers weren’t really much popular until its introduction at St. Louis World’s fair held in year 1904.


3. In America alone, 50 billion burgers are eaten in one single year! Now that’s quite a figure!

4. In Wisconsin’s Seymour, there is something known as Hamburger Hall of Fame!

5. How big was the biggest Hamburger? Well, it was a giant. In 1982, 10,000 people came to taste the largest Hamburger ever built. Even if it was just a single bite; imagine the mammoth size that was needed to feed those 10,000 mouths. The burger weighed a staggering 3,591 pounds.

6. Hamburgers along with cheeseburgers account for 71% of beef served in commercial hotels of US.

7. If all Hamburgers eaten by Americans in a year are arranged in a straight line, it would circle our Earth 32 times or more!

8. Many US cities claim to have invented this interesting food but it is widely believed that it was invented in 1900 in New Haven, Connecticut.


9. In 1921, the first fast food restaurant was opened which sold hamburgers for just 5 cents!

10. 60% of sandwiches sold globally are actually burgers.

11. McDonald’s holds the record of selling 300 billion burgers till date. The company sells 75 or more burgers every second.

12. In Clearfield, Pennsylvania, there is a pub known as Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub. In 2007, the pub offered a 123lb hamburger for sale.

13. One of the most expensive burger to be ever sold was FleurBurger 5000. That thing was made of black truffles, foie gras and Kobe beef. The burger was served along with Chateau Petrus, 1990 bottle. It was sold in Las Vegas’ Fleur de Lys. Can you guess the price? It was a staggering $5,000 for one burger!

14. Hamburgers are often known by the name Liberty Sandwich. This name was introduced by American soldiers during WWI because they wanted to avoid any German name.

15. Never think of health when you eat burgers. Diet experts say that one serving of meat should be nearly 3 ounces which is around the thickness of a deck of cards. In Nevada, Las Vegas, there is a restaurant that offers what is called by its owner – ‘nutritional pornography’. The restaurant’s name is Heart Attack Grill! They have something called Quadruple Bypass Burger. This burger is made of 4 half-pound beef slices, 8 American cheese slices, 20 bacon slices, 20 lard baked caramelized onion slices, one tablespoon mayonnaise, two tablespoon ketchup, 8 tomato slices, one tablespoon mustard and one bun. Do you have any idea of how many calories you get in one Quadruple Bypass Burger? It is 9,982 calories! This burger holds the Guinness World Record of being the most calorific burger in the entire world!

16. Okay, time to get a little gross! Did you ever think of where exactly the beef used in Hamburger comes from? The beef used in burger is taken from the least appetizing portions of cows. These are really tough areas and need to be processed. Now comes the weirdest part! The ground beef in hamburger is mixed communally. A study conducted in 1995 found that an average 4 ounce of beef in a burger consisted of meat from 1000 different cows! Even worse, as mentioned, ground beef is taken from least appetizing portions of cows and hence, your chances of contracting E.Coli bacteria increases, thanks to the merger of meat from different cows.

17. Veggie burgers aren’t really as healthy as you may think them to be. Widely popular in India, veggie burgers (you won’t get beef burgers even in McDonald’s in India) include soy which is made of hexane. Hexane is an air pollutant which is a by-product of gasoline refining. This hexane isn’t really a good thing. An Apple factory worker died in 2010 because of hexane poisoning while he was using that substance to clean touchscreens of Apple devices.

18. Sonya Thomas holds the world record of eating a Big Daddy Cheeseburger weighing 9 pounds in exactly 27 minutes.

19. We mentioned in point 8 that the credit for inventing Hamburger goes to New Haven, Connecticut. The person who actually invented it was Louis Lassen who, for the first time at Louis Lunch cafe offered a ground beef sandwich to a worker. It was the first known burger.

20. Louis Lunch exists even today but their specialty is that they offer only three condiments – onions, tomatoes and cheese spread. Mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup are strictly forbidden and if someone is caught smuggling in any forbidden condiment into the cafe, he or she is politely asked to leave the place!

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